Can’t Read Superblock (Corrupted Persistent Volume fixed)

I had a close call when a service refused to boot on my Kubernetes cluster.

On startup the service reported a mounting error for the PV (sorry didn’t record it but it was similar to the one below)

can't read superblock on /dev/sdc

The main issues is the disk is corrupted for whatever reason.

For a quick solution restored for backup, if your unable todo this and you have access to the node your 2nd option is also simple.

SSH into the node and run fsck against the offending /dev/???? device.

In my case I had to get the serial number of the block device from Truenas which I use as my block and nfs storage appliance/service.

Which I then match to the device from cockpit storage view

Then simple run fsck command as seen below.

Crisis averted!

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